The T.C. Walker and Woodville/Rosenwald School Foundation (the "Corporation"), as a Virginia nonstock corporation with a mission to receive, maintain and administer assets in perpetuity exclusively for charitable and educational purposes relating to the African American experience, including but not limited to the legacy of Woodville School, and Rosenwald Schools generally, and the contributions of T. C. Walker and other notable African Americans in Gloucester County, Virginia, filed Articles of Incorporation with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (the “SCC”), on May 22, 2012. Foundation Members:  Warren Deal, Ann Burruss, Charles Records, David Peebles, Wes Wilson, Fred Carter, John Spencer, Kay James, Dorothy Cooke, Leola Travis, Charlie Banks Officers:  Mr. Warren Deal, President, Ms. Ann Burruss, Vice-President, Mr. Charles Records, Secretary and Mr. David Peebles, Treasurer Steering Committees:  Property Steering Committee [Dr. Wes Wilson, Mr. David Peebles] Purpose: develop a plan, schedule, and cost to present to the foundation to 1) secure and stabilize the Woodville School and maintain it against further degradation; 2) maintain the property and grounds until it is preserved.  Implement the plan as approved. Preservation Steering Committee [Mr. Fred Carter, Mr. John Spencer, Mr. Charles Records] Purpose: develop a plan, schedule, and cost to present to the foundation to 1) preserve the school and property in its 1923 form; 2) adapt/modify/improve the property so that it is accessible by the public and be made available for the purposes discussed at the retreat. Implement the plan as approved. Education and Outreach Steering Committee [Ms. Kay James, Dr. Leola Travis, Ms. Ann Burruss, Dr. Dorothy Cooke] Purpose: 1) gather, compile, and preserve all history pertinent to the Woodville School specifically and the Rosenwald Schools in general; 2) create educational and interpretive material to interpret the Woodville School both pre and post preservation status; 3) create publicity, including a speaker’s list, to actively raise public awareness of the foundation and its mission; 4) identify and explore tangible uses of the building in all its stages that meet the purposes discussed at the retreat.  Implement the plan as approved. Financial Steering Committee [Mr. Charlie Banks, Mr. Warren Deal] Purpose: 1) develop an operating budget; 2) develop a preservation budget; 3) develop a capital improvement budget; 4) develop a funding plan of solicitation, grants, etc to fund the respective budgets; 5) assist the board in identifying and engaging partners in all aspects of the foundation’s work. Legal Documents:  Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Certificate of Incorporation, Capital & Operating Budgets and Organizational Resolution.